Nungua Senior High School

Senior High School


Headmistress Message

Mrs. Ellen Asare-Pepra
- Headmistress

I take great pleasure in submitting a message of warm felicitations from myself, staff and students of the Nungua Senior High School.

I assumed the reigns of office as Headmistress of the School in March 2018 after having successfully taken over from Ms. Cecilia Asabea Boateng who was reposted to the Ga South Municipal Directorate of Education.

VISION: To create an Institution of sound academic environment, moral and spiritual discipline and infrastructural development

MISSION: In line with the core mandate of GES, this school is committed to provide a healthy and congenial school environment for quality education and responsible citizenship through stakeholder participation

CORE VALUES: There are a set of values and principles to be upheld by students, staff and management (Administration) as follows:

  1. Hard Work
  2. Integrity
  3. Discipline
  4. Team Work

BOARD OF GOVERNORS: The school has a 14 member Board, chaired by Ing. Ellis Quaye a Civil Engineer and citizen of Nungua. The Board has been very supportive of management. Attendance to meetings has been very regular. Very fruitful decisions have also been taken to the benefit of the school.

MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE: Through a carefully thought-out management structure, policy implementation is conducted seamlessly. This structure comprises a Come Management Team composed of the Head of School, the three Assistant Heads and the School Accountant. An Extended Management Team has also been put in place. This is made up of all Heads of Departments (Teaching and Non-Teaching). The importance of this is to deepen the concept of decentralizing authority and promoting free feedback.

ACADEMIC WORK AND PERFORMANCE: School management, in conjunction with the various heads of department (HODs), is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to ensure that smooth academic work is carried out. Though a majority of our staff live outside the school, attendance to class is commendable. Most teachers who live outside the school compound have had to contend with heavy traffic and long distances to report to school. Heads of Department have been up to the task in ensuring that students are effectively engaged in times when their colleague teachers are unable to be punctual. Management has also introduced attendance registers for both teachers and students in the class. This has gone a long way to reduce absenteeism.

But like all other human institutions, the fact that only four (4) members of staff live on the school premises makes the maintenance of discipline a challenge.

In addition to the interventions by the Departments, the school have also put in place other measures to ensure an overall improvement in the academic performance of students

STUDENTS CLUBS/ASSOCIATIONS: There are a number of students’ associations and clubs operating in the school one of which is the Cadets Corps. The Airforce Cadet Corps is a very vibrant one and has won many laurels for the school,Others are: National Union of Presbyterian Students, Ghana (NUPS-G), Catholic and Anglican Students Union (CASU), Ghana Methodist Students Union (GHAMSU), Pentecost Students Associates, Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA), Scripture Union, Leadership International, Army of Light, African Youth Network, Revealers of God’s Glory (ROGG), Ghana United Nations Students Association (GUNSA), Abladei Writers and Debaters Club (AWADEC), Zoom Ambassadors, Abladei Drama Club, Club 25 (Nungua Senior High Blood Club), Nunsec Science and Maths Students Club, Blaze Editorials, Entercom, Peer Counsellors Association, Students Representative Council (SRC), Ghana National Association of Adventist Students (GNAAS).

THE SCHOOL CHOIR: The school has a vibrant choir which performs during Church Services and during other occasions. Periodic visits by Choirmasters to train the Choir are organised.

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING: This unit has a trained professional as its head and has a continued advocacy on the conduct of students especially during examinations, good study habits and time management. Other activities undertaken by the unit includes the following:

  1. Career Counselling for final year students
  2. Counselling of truant students
  3. Counselling of students on boy/girl relationship in the school

INFRASTRUCTURE: Like many other institutions of learning, Nunsec is faced with its fair share of infrastructure challenges. Notable among these are inadequate classroom, office and dormitory facilities. Mention must however be made of the fact that contracts have been awarded for the construction of an 18-unit 3-storey classroom block and toilet facility for our female students. But like the proverbial Oliver Twist, we continue to rely on stakeholders, the corporate world and other philanthropists to assist in the completion of other stalled projects.

The school also has a large piece of land located in Batsonaa in the Nungua Municipality but which is heavily encroached. The Board of Governors and management is in collaboration with the Krowor Municipal Assembly to reclaim portions of that land for expansion.

DISCIPLINE: The school considers discipline as the hallmark of success hence our continuous insistence on enforcing it to the letter. Discipline in the school has improved considerably. Lateness, absenteeism and improper dressing have also reduced considerably. The use of mobile phones by students in school is not allowed. Management has received the full support of parents and guardians because instilling discipline in our students requires the collaborative efforts of the home, school and society.

SPORTS: Our sports calendar starts with the inter-houses sports competition culminating in the selection and participation of our students in the Greater Accra Schools and Sports Association (GASSA) Zone Two Games. The school participates in all the disciplines, namely football, handball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. Nungua Senior High School is currently the zonal champions in football, both male and female.

CONCLUSION: From the foregoing it is clear that we have come a long way. Our toils have however not been in vain. This required hard work, integrity, discipline and team work; our Core Values. We have enjoyed a good measure of these also from all our stakeholders especially the Old Students Association (NOSA), The Ghana Education Service, Traditional Authorities, The Krowor Municipal Assembly and to a large extent, the PTA and Board of Governors.

We wish to assure that we intend to jealously guard our successes in order to promote the school’s core business of maintaining the highest academic standards as well as improve the school atmosphere.

May the Good Lord continue to shower us with abundant grace and mercy.



Board Chairman's Message

Ing. Ellis Quaye
- Board Chairman

I bring you good tidings and warm felicitations from myself and on behalf of colleague members of the Board of Governors of the Nungua Senior High School.

The Board of Governors of Nungua Senior High school have always enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with the school management, staff, students, Old Students (NOSA) and other stakeholders/partners of the school.

The challenges of the school are varied but of particular concern is the infrastructure deficit. It is the hope of the Board that we would continue to strive relentlessly together to bridge this infrastructure gap and I wish to count on our collective efforts to achieve this feat. Indeed, limitless opportunities exist for the school to continue to grow and expand into a veritable institution of academic excellence, and it is collaboration and assistance on matters such as this that can help in the realization of these aspirations.

However, in other for the school to expand, we need to reclaim the school land which has been completely encroached upon. The Board in collaboration with the Krowor Municipal Assembly is making strenuous efforts to ensure that the land is reclaimed. This would go a long way to resolve some of the infrastructural challenges facing the school. Another worrying trend is the issue of indiscipline. Thankfully commendable strides are being made by management to ensure that this is reduced tremendously.

It is therefore the wish of the Board that we, together with school management and NOSA, would continue to enjoy this rich collaboration in other mutually beneficial but equally important areas of educational endeavor for the good of ABLADEI.

Once again, we of the Board wish the entire ABLADE family of our commitment to continue to work to uplift the image of Nungua Senior High School.

Thank you and God bless us all.

Ing. Ellis Quaye (B.Sc. Hons.)
(Board Chairman)